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    Hi Friends, I have lurked in the shadows of All Nurses for many years and now I've found enough courage to actually post something. I'm an RN part time and Mom full time. Recently I've been trying to find ways to recenter myself and quiet the inner parts of me that scream for a creative outlet. I've decided to take up writing as a way to communicate and connect with other #NurseMommys out there. When Im not soaking up every minute of growth and development with my kids I am scrolling through Craigslist and Indeed.com trying to find ways to supplement the part time nurse money so that I have more available to fund activities without taking on the monstrous time consumer that is a full time job. Currently, I work prn in HomeCare and part time in an outpatient clinic. For some reason, I cant logically comprehend the thought of working full time anymore. I am turning down Mon-Fri gigs as well as those long and tiresome 12 hour shifts. I understand for some, it is a necessity and I applaud those super moms 100% ! I, in no way shape or form have any of this figured out but it just feels better to get the feelings out of my head and in typed form. Ive got tons of ideas and innovations but I just need to put pen to paper! Id love to hear from everyone else. How do you deal with #momguilt and what are some ways you were able to set yourself free, without missing every home run and dance recital ? I'm open to all tips and feedback. Nursing is an amazing career but more and more jobs are taking away the balance and prioritizing work over life !

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