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NurseSugar has 13 years experience and specializes in ER/PACU.

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  1. NurseSugar

    Sterilize and Reuse Mask

    My employer is handing out isolation masks (the yellow tie ones) at the beginning of our shift and collecting them at the end to "be sterilized and reused". We are being told that is being done nationwide, but my friends at other facilities locally and in other states have said they are not doing that. I asked how they sterilized them and how/if the integrity of the mask is affected. I have not received an answer. We also asking about makeup and perfumes that may get on the mask from each user. Please let me know if you are or are not doing this. Thanks!
  2. NurseSugar

    Kentucky Christian university

    I spent quite a while on the phone with the dean of the nursing school at KCU yesterday discussing the FNP program. After a lot of research And speaking with several schools, I’ve applied here as my 1st choice (Carson Newman is second). The program is “intentionally small” to give personal attention. The coursework is 100% online over 7 semesters. The college has done online programs since 2012. They are about to graduate their 5th online FNP cohort. Board pass rates are 95 to 96%. Courses are one at a time and vary in length from 4wks to 14 wks (most are 8-9). So same amount of work as two courses at once just different format. There is an optional on-campus intensive. They have interactive classes at times like test review but record them for those that can’t login. Clinicals are over two semesters (528 hrs which is less than many other programs). It averages out to about 18/hr per week for 30 weeks. (In contrast, C-N has 5/wk for 15 weeks, 12/wk for 30 weeks, 15/wk for 15 weeks which is 660 total)... so they compact the clinical portion and don’t require as many hours. Nice for working student parents! And apparently KY BON requires all KY schools to provide clinical placement. So they ask you to be collaborative with them but they are ultimately responsible for placing you. Also you don’t have to be religious to attend the graduate programs (however, undergrad degrees from the schools all include a minor in bible studies). They aren’t ranked in the top schools nationally, but the personal attention if needed and the format of the program have made them stand out to me. I’ll update if I get in! They only accept 22 students per cohort. Hope this helps others!
  3. I am looking at schools for FNP but think I would do better with a one class at time schedule. I'm a single mom with full custody and have to work full-time. So far I've found American Sentinal and Kentucky Christian University. Any others out there? Carson-Newman is appealing as they find your preceptors, but its not one at a time. Thanks all!!
  4. NurseSugar


    @ArmyRN79 how do you like it so far? I'm thinking about them for the same reason, although want to confirm they find people local not two hours away. Can you manage while working full-time?

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