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  1. Stanford RN New Grad Program October 2020

    I got an email for an interview with the Medical units so keep an eye out today. I’m also waiting for a response back from another hospital nearby my hometown so hopefully they can respond back quickly so I can give up a spot for you all. Best of ...
  2. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    The deadline for the August cohort has passed. They will be making calls for the October cohort now. That deadline is the end of August.
  3. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    August 31!
  4. UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Does anyone know if we can update our applications?
  5. St. Joseph's Eureka New Grad RN Aug. 2020

    CONGRATS you two! I interviewed this week on Wednesday. Hoping to hear back from an offer so fingers crossed they’re going by unit.
  6. Hey everyone, I am making a thread for people who are waiting to hear back from interviews with St. Joseph in Humboldt county. Would anyone who started their new grad program in either Eureka or Redding like to share their experience?
  7. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - 2020 Spring Cohort

    Take us through your portfolio/resume Why Cedars? what was your favorite part of clinicals what was your least favorite part of clinicals Your pt who is on insulin before meals is sweaty, confused, and shaking. What do you do. What should you know wh...
  8. Hey everyone. I'm a new graduate nurse in California who was offered an interview with an acute psychiatric hospital. My ultimate goal is to work in an acute care hospital but with COVID and hiring freezes and being a new graduate in California, I do...
  9. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    Yes, I interviewed and got a second interview as well...
  10. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    Hey folks, is anyone in the same position as I am where I have not received anything back yet? No offer but no rejection yet either? It’s like I’m stuck in limbo but it seems like HR has sent out all the rejections and offers already.
  11. Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    Has anyone receive an update for those who interviewed with Sharp Memorial? The RN Residency Coordinator said we should hear back within 3 weeks. I might be a little antsy from the wait but I would like to see if anyone has heard anything yet since w...
  12. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    Congratulations! I think everyone is dying to ask this but would you feel comfortable sharing which unit?
  13. Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    I’m a little late to posting but I have a second interview with one of the Medicine units this Monday. I hear it’s much more laid back and conversational.
  14. Stanford RN residency program 2020

    Is there a thread for the upcoming cycle? I just got my interview invite. ?
  15. Sharp New Grad Summer 2020 - August

    I will be interviewing with Acute Care Medical at SMH in May. Wish me luck everyone! ?