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  1. jabrier

    UF BSN to DNP Fall 2020

    have not thus far.
  2. jabrier

    UF BSN to DNP Fall 2020

    There won't be any updates until Late April or eary may. I am very doubtful COVID will delay acceptance letters. If anything, it may create an increased likelihood of admission due to the rising need of APRN in this crisis. I won't be shocked to see them increase admission spots. But that sentiment is optimistic, we will see. There will be tons more online classes now at least that is good.
  3. jabrier

    UF BSN to DNP Fall 2020

    I took the GRE at the last minute because I originally was considering a local program. My scores were not what I wanted as I had poor time management and I had never taken it before or gone over the material in 10 years ish. I got a 143/verbal (didnt get to answer some Q due to time) and 146 quantitative (met requirement here). My BSN GPA is from this program and is mostly A's and one B. Does anyone know if there will still be admissions to this year's acceptance with scores that are not at the required level? I know they have in the past. -J

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