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  1. So I've currently been working as a PSW (American equivalent to CNA in Canada) in Long term care and to be honest, I HATE it. I'm not learning anything! I don't do vitals or anything remotely nursing just help with ADLs....thats it. I know this is part of the job, but I feel like I could be using my knowledge and skills more as a BScN student entering my final year in September. I tried to talk about this with my manager and all she replied with is "so you're not happy with your job". like im not going to tell her I hate my job so I remained silent. The residents are abusive and the workload is too heavy. I'm working with a bunch of middle aged women and I just don't feel like I belong. I got a job offer in the resource team at a hospital which I would be super happy to accept, but here's the catch it's "unscheduled" which I think means my hours are not guaranteed. anyone know what an "unscheduled" psw/cna is? the position is also temporarily and is suppose to end in September (can be shortened or lengthened based on the hospital's needs). I want to choose the hospital position based on the learning opportunity and possibly doing something I enjoy. but at the same time, I want a stable job where I'll get hours and really dont want to be in the position of looking for a new job when the contract ends. WHAT SHOULD I DO? pros/cons of hospital job -learning, doing more skills -"unscheduled" worker -contract ends in couple months pros/cons of long term care job -hate the work -not learning, literally JUST ADLs -stable, get hours

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