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  1. hippahippo

    Did we/she violate HIPAA?

    For possibility of floating in the middle of a shift based on census, transfers from other units, prescreening admissions from the ER, and having to work if we are placed on call because of maximum nurse to patient ratio will be exceeded. On call Nurses will call the unit and ask other nurses to check even.
  2. hippahippo

    Did we/she violate HIPAA?

    I am not "reporting or telling". I will be asking the compliance officer.
  3. hippahippo

    Did we/she violate HIPAA?

    What is the position of somebody who deals with HIPaA concerns? Who should I be looking for regarding questions? I have a coworker who is charge sometimes. When she is on the floor as a nurse, she still uses the EMR as a charge. She will basically “surf”. For example, click into the other units like the Emergency Room, their holding room, surgery unit, tele, etc… is that OK? She doesn’t access any charts by clicking on or into them. She just counts how many patients there are. Could I/we do that? I am a new graduate.

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