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  1. Looks like GSU caps max tuition at 15 credit hours...great news!
  2. Wow, it will be great if they cap the tuition at 15 credit hours!!! I will try to get confirmation on this, as there are only a few schools in GA that cap per the Board of Regents (& GSU is not one of those).
  3. I believe the Armstrong campus fees are around $570 or so per semester. There is a nursing lab fee of $35 per lab and a HESI testing fee of $45 listed as course fees. Tuition is around $183/credit hour in-state (24 credit hours in the 1st semester). Not sure about uniforms. They also require you to purchase health insurance, if you don’t have suitable coverage. Please let me know if you find out anything different.
  4. I just need to take the GA legislative exam...will try to knock that out soon. Still need to do my BLS certification, too.
  5. I have Dr. ************* for Patho and am really enjoying it. We meet once a week for 3 hours, and she keeps class interesting.
  6. Yes, I’m finishing the prerequisites this semester at GS (Micro and Patho).

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