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  1. What do I do when my just turned 3yo client won’t let me intermittent cath her? She squeezes her knees together, twists and turns, screams bloody murder, squirms, pulls at my arms/hands and hair. I work evenings with her. There are no parent...
  2. Hi, I’m tentatively hired pending passing the “competency assessment” at Maxim next week. I’ll be working Peds cases. The thing is that even though I’ve been a nurse since 2008, I haven’t worked as a nurse for the past two years due t...
  3. mustlovedogs

    Assistant Director of Nurses has no Nursing License

    Doesn't sound legal to me! I would report to BON.
  4. I have experience working days and evenings in LTC, 8 hour shifts. I have never worked 7P-7A shift, BUT I am a night owl. Any advice for starting to work this night shift in LTC? Also, wondering what time you go to sleep, what time...
  5. mustlovedogs

    Need advice / input r/t criminal charges & license

    Thank you.
  6. mustlovedogs

    Need advice / input r/t criminal charges & license

    Thank you, I didn't see this forum. Help, anyone?
  7. Hello, My story is long and I will try to make it short without leaving out important details. I've been in an abusive marriage with a narcissist for many years. Lot's of reasons why I was still involved, I guess if you are familiar/educat...