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    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    Thank you for your response. Again, I appreciate everything. meeting with his business advisor was unexpected to me but it was good insight, he had a lot of good things to say about him but he must be bias. I don’t know if I mentioned but he called me today and said he spoke to the doctor and they raised my pay to higher than I make now.
  2. Puppylover0213

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    All his staff is beautiful
  3. Puppylover0213

    I just got hired in a plastic surgery clinic. Are these red flags?

    You saying stuff could be taken out of context is not offensive to me at all. I actually appreciate you saying that it’s hard to tell the vibe from reading the post. Reading back, I think I posted pretty emotionally and dramatically just because I was really nervous about the idea. I ended up speaking to the manager and clarifying the role and they even raised my pay to be above my current hospital pay, but I still haven’t given a response to them. Mostly because I have 40 responses from everyone telling me to run It’s definitely not as sketchy as I made it sound, I guess, but I absolutely trust all of you who definitely have more experience than me and aren’t bias. People have recommended I either stick it out for a year here, which I really don’t want to because I’m depressed here but if I have to, then I guess I would. Others have recommended me to transfer to another unit already but I’m not allowed to do that, until a year. I just want to do outpatient, but I also know I can’t just run to any job opportunity like this one. It just doesn’t seem so bad to me after I spoke to the manager but again, I don’t know. Anyway, a sincere thank you to EVERY single person who has responded. Never in my life do I expect to even get more than like a couple replies but everyone has been so helpful. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone! I work bedside in the NICU for about 8 months. I hate it. Management sucks, completely understaffed so I've found myself in unsafe situations and so, on. I have a contract with them that I knew I would break eventually because I knew I wouldn't end up there for even a year. I applied to a plastic surgery clinic position (cosmetic - Brazilian butt lifts, breast implants, tummy tucks, etc.) This plastic surgery is all over TV in my city even though he's just starting practice and he's pretty popular on social media. I had to do an online test, a phone interview, interview with the doctor and manager and finally an interview with his business advisor today (which I've never heard of having to do before). They all absolutely loved me. However, are these red flags? 1)I would be the only registered nurse working in the entire clinic. Surgeries are Tuesdays and Fridays and the doctor would be in another clinic Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays doing other surgeries. On M, W, F, I would be the one seeing every post-op patient from Tuesday and Friday by myself without having the doctor to consult. I would do patient education, dressing changes, and other stuff that for right now I don't know.. 2) I would have to write his progress notes. They use Nextech, which I'm not familiar with but I'm really good with computers. However, writing his progress notes? That seems weird? He said it's because since he's only there Tuesdays and Thursdays, he wouldn't have a chance. 3) No insurance and no 401k. The business advisor told me they're in the process of getting it for the employees. My current job has both. Because of this, when we spoke about pay, I told them I would want the highest they're offering because it almost matches my current job. Surprisingly, they agreed and said I could be looking toward raises in the future. 4) They have another building they plan on moving to, that's bigger and owned since they're currently renting out. It's already built according to everyone, so the business advisor was trying to assure me that this is a real thing and that if I'm part of the team as they grow, it would be a huge learning experience for me. But how do I know that's really happening? 5) I would be with him Tuesdays and Thursdays as his scrub nurse I guess. He has 1 medical assistant currently and hiring 2 more. Do they help during procedures? What would be my role? I guess this isn't a red flag but I'm just confused. 6) He only wants a brand new RN. Isn't that weird for something so big like surgeries? He said he doesn't want nurses with bad habits and that he wants someone young because he's young and wants someone with him that's in the long-term. He told me his extremely strict, demanding but nice. He says he just wants his clients to get the best work, but how does he expect this with a brand new nurse? 7) Last but not least (sorry) - the staff briefly mentioned (like VERY briefly) that their only RN left. They have been in practice for less than a year, so I don't know what may have led her to leave beforehand? I might be looking into it too much but I feel like that's a major red flag? Anyway, thanks so much guys. EVERY single comment means the world to me. My parents and other family members have been telling me I'm crazy for leaving my current job which has good pay, insurance, 401k and room for growth but I'm so depressed in that job. Breaking my contract is also something that will be big because of the money and the fact I'd be burning bridges with this hospital franchise but I don't mind, as long as I'm not making the wrong decision. But I'm not sure if I'm getting red flags.
  5. Hello everyone. I’m a nurse (BSN) who started in August of last year in the NICU. I had a scholarship that allowed me to get hired exclusively in a hospital franchise, so they got my interview for various units and I was hired in the NICU. The NICU was never a place I’d imagine myself, but as a new grad desperate nurse, I was so excited to take it. Fast forward to now: I absolutely and utterly hate it. I miss being around adults and having patients who can speak for themselves. Then my unit itself is an absolute disaster. Management sucks, we are required to have on calls and on calls guarantee we work because we are chronically understaffed. We’re so ridiculously understaffed that it makes working a living hell, especially for a new grad nurse whose still trying to learn the ropes. Every single day, I get a call from staff even my director, asking me if I can come in. Every single day. Even days I’m already scheduled to work. Since we’re so understaffed, everyone is always super mad, the patient assignments are horrible and no one has time to help. Then working night shift is so hard for me considering I’m such a morning bird, it’s made me extremely depressed. My mental heath is getting worse each day. I barely get to see my fiancé. I’m really depressed. I feel trapped and I want to quit. I’m going to be breaking my contract but I’m willing to pay anything and do anything to leave but only until I have a job lined up. I want to find a non-bedside position where I can work day shift. I don’t mind working five days a week. So my question is: where and how do I find it? Any advice? I try going on Indeed.com, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter every single day. I’ve applied to over 40 positions since January. I rarely even get answers, so far I’ve only gotten two rejections. No interviews. I’m so depressed because I really want to quit my job and move on from this terrible job. I sincerely apologize if I sound whiny and annoying. I know it’s hard for us new grad nurses to become comfortable with new hospital jobs during the first year of nursing, but I know bedside nursing isn’t for me. I cry every single day, I can barely sleep and my depression is horrible. I know I can do nursing, but bedside is not for me. Please be gentle, and have an amazing beautiful day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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