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    Travel ICU assignment with stepdown experience only

    Thanks for the advice, Ned. I told the manager during the phone interview that there were skills which I was familiar with, but would need guidance to execute, and she said that a run-down of those skills would be possible during orientation. I really didn't expect to be offered the assignment after the interview. I had a 2 hour in-person interview for a CVICU position in my area, which seemed to go well, and was ultimately not offered the position, but was able to get into a large ICU as a traveler after a 5 minute phone interview. Go figure. It seems hospitals in my area don't really train external candidates for ICU. This travel position seemed like it would be an entry into intensive care, and I will only take ICU assignments from here on out. I realize it will take more than just one 3-month assignment to qualify for a CRNA program, but it is a start. I will take your advice and expand my search net, but I'm not really willing to go too far out. There is a requirement with this assignment to float to stepdown as needed, but staff ICU nurses also float to stepdown as needed (I know as they float to the unit I am on now). As a traveler, it is likely I will be the first to float, as that is a common policy, and I am fine with that, as long as I can obtain some ICU experience. The bill rate was nice IMO, as I am on a step-down unit now where cost of living is quite high, and the cost of living where the ICU is is significantly lower, yet the gross is a bit higher. Again, we will see what happens.
  2. Hello allnurses, I have been working as a travel nurse in med-surg/stepdown and have decided that I would like to work in an ICU to be able to eventually go to grad school for nurse anesthesia. I have not been able to land a good ICU staff position in my area. However, I was surprisingly hired for an ICU travel assignment at a large teaching hospital without any ICU experience, and decided to take that offer. I am quite nervous about working as a travel nurse in an ICU, as I know travelers are supposed to 'hit the ground running'. Are there any other travelers out there that have made this transition? If so, do you have any recommendations-- certain topics to review, etc.? Thank you for your advice.

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