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    A few questions

    Once u make an account, you should be able to post. If u want to make a new post, go to the HH forum home page and click new topic
  2. LauraRN13

    A few questions

    This is long, please bear with me. I’ve been doing HH about 9 months now. I did take a 3 month hiatus in there due to my son’s health issues. So 6 months experience. I’ve been a nurse 15 years, was so burnt out from the hospital! Worked labor and delivery, cardiac IMCU, SNF, and then ER for the past 8 years. I’m part time, no benefits (hubs works for the railroad with awesome benefits so don’t really need them) although PTO would be nice. No idea what the standard pay in Indiana is. I get paid per visit, which I’m fine with because one of my days I schedule my easy patients and am done pretty fast and still get paid for a full days work. No mileage reimbursement, which stinks, but my patients are for the most part relatively close. I make 35 per regular visit, 55 for SOC, and negotiated rates for special things like ivs, or if a patient lives further away. I still make more than hospital after not having to pay daycare since I only work on my husbands days off. We are Medicare only, very small company, and chart on kinnser. Now to my questions: 1. I have one LPN I am responsible for supervising, also the only LPN at the company. My company has me doing direct supervisory visits (have to coordinate with LPN schedule) every 4 weeks with her there. I do all her recerts, discharges, SOC, etc. It is so difficult trying to have a consistent schedule for my own patients (which some get upset about) and then trying to fit in her supervisory visits and recerts plus her aide supervisory visits. They make me do 2 direct (Again coordinating with Aide schedule) every 4 weeks also. I do get paid 25 for supervisory visit and don’t have to stay for whole visit or chart except for the quick one page form on how LPN is doing. So, super easy, just hard to fit in. I read in CMS guidelines that LPN and aide supervisory visits only need to be done annually unless there is a problem. Is this true, something I should bring up to my boss? The LPN laughed when I asked her about setting up supervisory visits, said she hasn’t been supervised in years but is fine with setting them up with me. 2. Trouble with supplies. They always seem to be out of stuff and are super stingy with what I get. I have no back up supplies if needed and sometimes don’t have enough wound supplies for my patients with wound orders. What can I do about this? Buy my own? 3. I have a few patients that are insanely inflexible with visit day/time. I have to back track so much just to see them at the time they want. Am I allowed to tell them no to their specified time? 4. I was told when I interviewed that after 3 months my visit rate would go up to 38. Right as we were discussing it, is when I had to take a 3 month leave for my son. Since I’ve been back, it has not been brought up. How do I bring it up again? I am super non confrontational and those conversations are so hard for me! 5.) I do my charting at home at night when my kids go to bed. I would love to be able to do some charting in homes or in my car when I have time between visits. I have my iPhone, a personal tablet, and personal laptop at home. How do u chart in homes without WIFI on your laptop??? 6.) would love to get a second part time job doing postpartum/baby visits. What companies do this? I really do like HH, and I looove the company I work for. Seriously, the nicest people ever to work for. They make sure patients are all well cared for. Some of the above things just really get on my nerves and I don’t want to end up feeling resentful and end up quitting because of it! Since we can’t claim mileage anymore on taxes, (unless you are above the standard deduction), I feel like that screws me a bit! I see anywhere from 14-25 patients a week depending on how many LPN recerts and supervisory visits I do. Any advice on any of my dilemmas? Thanks!

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