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katrinablatz has 8 years experience and specializes in CNA.

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    Questions with Criminal Backgroud

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had some insight for me seeing as i have read some many different scenarios and outcomes on this site. I am a CNA in California currently and i just finished my prerequisites for the RN program. I will be applying to National University in San Diego. I let them know that i had my DUI expunged that is 8 years old and they said that i was still able to apply as long as i can provide the expungement paperwork. Thats fine i can but i realized that 2 years prior to that i was charged with possession of 2 excasty pills. Unfortunately i was hanging out with the wrong people and was dating someone with priors that i didn't know about. He has put the two pills in my center console and i did not know and he acted dumb and wouldnt claim them. Any ways i did the PC1000 program and completed it. Upon completion i was told that my judgment entry would be resubmitted and deferred and it would be as if it never happened. It shows on my livescan as dismissed/ expunged. Does anyone know if this will be a cause of concern for when i provide this with my DUI expungement to the school? im scared to ask them even though i will have too I know that obviously i had two offense so that looks bad but they are now dismissed as if they didnt happen and since then i rarely drink and i pick my friends carefully. By the time that i apply for the program the possession is 10 years old and my DUI is 8. I know that i will have to provide all the paperwork to the BON which is fine because by that time it'll be 12 years for the possession and 10 years for the DUI. I guess my question is im wondering how hard it will be for me to obtain my license? and im praying that my school will be able to get me in with not just the DUI that i had expunged

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