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Ashestoashes has 5 years experience and specializes in Long term care.

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  1. Ashestoashes

    Was my unsatisfactory in clinical unfair?

    I guess I should clarify since it does sound like a frustrated instructor. You can only have 2 unsatisfactory clinicals. Which means I am borderline since I have 1 unsatisfactory. I have never had any issues before and that is why I’m so worked up about it. This is my first time getting in “trouble” that it actually felt unfair considering the instructor didn’t give me a chance to explain my side of the story and only went with the opinion from her coworker. I did, however, not go to my instructor and follow my chain of command and report to her that the nurse did not want to be bothered. I could’ve saved myself from this. I’m not a troublemaker. This is why it affects me a lot.
  2. Ashestoashes

    Was my unsatisfactory in clinical unfair?

    That’s the thing I wasn’t able to give my side because my instructor was very mad she didn’t want to hear it. I’m guessing there were too many feelings involved and I didn’t get a say so. I’m just gonna try to follow my chain of command
  3. Ashestoashes

    Was my unsatisfactory in clinical unfair?

    That’s definitely true I didn’t think of it that way. She did meet with me some time before clinical got too busy. She said she was warning me that she had to give me an unsatisfactory. I didn’t question it because she told me everything I did “wrong”. I was just wondering if I’m even able to defend myself since it’s both our words against each other.
  4. I received a clinical unsatisfactory based on hearsay. A nurse I was shadowing spoke lies about me and told my instructor a bunch of mean things that I honestly would have never said to anyone. (I’m thinking she had a super bad day because she was sweet to my face) I’m just wondering if this is unfair since it’s hearsay and my instructor never actually saw me say it or saw my performance. I can only have so many bad points and this is borderline me being removed from the program...

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