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jpalmtree's Latest Activity

  1. jpalmtree

    LAVC Fall 2020

    CONGRATS! That is awesome.
  2. jpalmtree

    LA hospitals: the good and the bad

    I'm not from LA, but my neighbor worked at Cedars-Sinai which I believe is in the Hollywood area. From what I understand it is a pretty renowned hospital.
  3. jpalmtree

    LACC ADN Fall 2020

    Are you on the alternate list?
  4. jpalmtree

    LACC ADN Fall 2020

    I got on the alternate list.
  5. jpalmtree

    CSU Chico Fall 2020

    haven't heard anything yet (other than the May 15th deadline) but I am not hopeful. I am sitting at around 83 points. best of luck to everyone though! so many qualified applicants!
  6. jpalmtree

    Butler nursing

    how are you liking the program? I am looking to apply there for this upcoming Fall. Any tips?
  7. jpalmtree

    GCC Glendale Community College ADN Program Summer 2020

    does anyone happen to know where to access PCC's nursing application? I dont see it listed anywhere on their website. I emailed them earlier this week with no response (assume its due to the virus.) also, anyone applied to SBCC? On the email it says that they are sending notifications by April 3rd

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