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  1. I need to finish 4 pre-reqs and not sure I can make it through RN school, should I keep going? I have a chance to change to a different major and choose a different field, but I really feel I would make an excellent nurse. The problem I am 100% sure will be an issue is clinical into the OR. I have 2 issues that are stopping me from an amazing career, open wounds and needles/iv's. I THINK I can get past the needles and the IV issue over time, but surgery in the OR or open gaping wounds is a no go, no way, no how for me. I have tried to watch simple surgeries such as knee replacement on youtube and start gagging and ready to vomit and I get the cold sweats and dizzy. I KNOW I can never get over this issue. Stitches and cleaning a closed wound, no issue, it's the open stuff I can NOT do under any circumstance. I can deal with vomit, feces, cath, all the other stuff, but just no cutting someone open or gaping stuff. I am 48 and this has always been a problem for me to see anything even on TV, it is not changing. Am I doomed to never make it through nursing school? Do we HAVE to do the OR during clinical? I know once out of school I have choices not to be exposed to surgery/OR or gaping stuff often. Please advise me...I am really discouraged over this issue.

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