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  1. BHS Nurse

    School Nurse Pay

    That is pretty good for sub pay ! Yes the hours and schedule are great , but when your not working on E learning days ( snow days ) holidays or summers , it cuts your pay way down yearly ! I’m trying to just put money back so I don’t have to go back to my PRN job ! Thank you for all of your input !!
  2. BHS Nurse

    office nurse

    Drs offices never pay! Its because they don't have to work weekends , and they can hire MA, QMA and LPN for alot less!
  3. BHS Nurse

    School Nurse Pay

    Where is everyone from? Indiana, Ohio? What do you think the census is then for School Nurses: Hourly or Salary??
  4. BHS Nurse

    School Nurse Pay

    This is my first yr as a school nurse . I’ve been a nurse for 15 yrs . This probably the least I’ll ever make in one year ! I guess I didn’t realize how many days off that I would be without pay !
  5. BHS Nurse

    School Nurse Pay

    That’s sounds like a great deal ! I have over 1200 kids , pre-K -8 and another nurse at the high school . She has approximately 400 kids . We share duties . We are both hourly, no pay for holidays , elearning days or summers . We would like to be on the salary / contacted scale as the teachers !
  6. BHS Nurse

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    I have prek-8th grade. I have 20 on meds and 2 diabetics. I usually see between 60-85 kids a day. I am hourly and no pay for holidays, e learning days or summers. Are other school nurses paid salary /contract like the teachers???
  7. BHS Nurse

    School Nurse Pay

    School nurse pay what is the majority of school nurse pay ? hourly or salary? In my current position I don't get vacation, snow days or holidays paid. Summers off with no pay!