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rachmarie has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    I attended the interview in person so I did both interviews back to back the same day.
  2. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Hey CONGRATS! The two interviews are pretty much the same questions, one with faculty and the other with the head of admissions. There was an essay question, I would keep it short and simple. It's hard to remember now but they asked me why BW, why I ...
  3. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    I would let them know, I emailed the other schools I applied to and they said they really appreciated it.
  4. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    What’s your number?
  5. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Awesome! Me too I’d be so sad if they had to push it back or something ?
  6. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Haha nice, are you for sure going to BW?
  7. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Someone just started a group chat on WhatsApp but there’s only two of us on there so far, an email got sent out to join for people who have paid the deposit I think
  8. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Yayy so happy for you!! Congrats! ?
  9. Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 (Phoenix)

    I think it might be more expensive because it’s 12 months but that’s the only thing I can think of. At first I was only looking at 12 month programs but in the end I think I would be more successful if I had some breaks and 3 more months isn’t going ...
  10. Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 (Phoenix)

    Hey! Congrats on getting into BW! I feel pretty set on BW this point. It’s $10,000 cheaper than Creighton and all the books, uniforms, and supplies are included in tuition. I flew out to Ohio for my interview to get a feel for the school and everyone...
  11. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Congrats!! Let us know which one you choose
  12. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    No you should definitely talk about your achievements, that's what they want to hear! You don't have to say it in a braggy way but just tell them the things you've done and what you're proud of. Talk about the good qualities you have, like I said I a...
  13. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Ugh I can’t decide. I’m getting married right before the program starts so I feel like living on campus would be a little weird but it’s hard to pass up since all the utilities are paid for and it’s fully furnished so we wouldn’t have to take a Uhaul...
  14. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Nice!! It took a good two weeks to hear back. They meet every other Friday to discuss candidates so I guess it just depends on if your interviews land on that week on not!
  15. Baldwin-Wallace ABSN 2020 cycle

    Awesome well good luck and let me know how it goes!