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  1. Premed2hard

    Any ex Premeds?

    No, I'm not interested in going to spend 350k for a Caribbean education (Yes, I do believe it is sub-par).
  2. Premed2hard

    Any ex Premeds?

    Just wondering? I was always a high achiever in HS graduated with my AAS, CMA my senior year, and was accepted to a competitive pre-med program graduating in 3 years. Well, it is evident now that I will not have the grades to be accepted to MD, DO, or PA school not that I was ever against nursing (my mom and sister are RN's) I always wanted more science, more why, more understanding or so I thought (Reality was humbling). My sGPA is low 3.3 (almost straight B's), cGPA 3.77, and MCAT 505 (low). I will graduate this year and have all of the pre-reqs to apply to a ABSN program. Any premeds that aren't doing epically well considering the same?

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