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  1. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I received my letter and the box stating “no official TEAS score received” was marked and my heart sank. I checked my receipt and the school on file was my graduating school ? and couldn’t do anything about it. All the said was “we highly recommend r...
  2. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Gov. Ige extended the stay-at-home restrictions to May 31st today. Fall 2020 is looking grim, but still trying to keep my hopes up! I hope you all do the same ?
  3. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Also BLS cert
  4. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    My prereq GPA is very poor in comparison. Pre-reqs: 5 C's (Technically 3 C's as the CC I took the courses in are graded w/ labs included), 3 A's, 2 B's Co-reqs: Human: A; Pharm: IP TEAS: 81.3% B.A. in Public Health Policy, Minor in Med Anthro, Certif...