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    RN left alone

    I wanted to get some other RN insight/experience: I work peri-op services for same day surgeries. The facility in which I work has a regular practice of leaving RNs by themselves in the department to discharge patients. No one is left on the floor including unit secretary, no MAs, literally no one. The nearest RN (or anyone for that matter) is an OR RN who may not be available (in a case) or a PACU RN who is down 2 halls and through a heavy double door (the OR RN is likewise down hall and through double door). My concern is if pt codes, had major issues - everyone is out of ear shot. We do carry phones, but if I'm holding pressure on a site or doing compressions, for example, it would be difficult to use my phone. What do you do in your facility? I got somewhat reprimanded for saying that I did not feel comfortable staying alone on floor. I have never NEVER worked anywhere in my last 11 years that allowed this. What do you think?

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