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  1. jackinthebox86

    San Diego Job market? ADN?

    I am looking for info on whether an ADN new grad can get hired in San Diego hospitals. I am starting an ADN program but worried in San Diego many jobs only seem to want to look at BSN candidates, even for recent/new grad programs. Thoughts?? Thanks!
  2. Can you get hired in San Diego with an ADN?? I am starting ADN program soon. I am having second thoughts. Should I go for my BSN instead? I can't afford much more than SD Community colleges ADN programs, but if its not going to get me a job, could be worth a loan... Any advice for SD job market?
  3. jackinthebox86

    ABSN 2021 CSU San Marcos

    I would be interested to hear any replies on this! I would be in same position in a year so any advice is nice!

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