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  1. Hi all. I test next week and I’m so nervous I’m sick about it. Based on how I have done so far, do you all think I have a good chance of passing? These are the resources I’ve used and how I’ve done. UWorld: I have taken one assessment and got a “High” chance of passing (53rd percentile). My qbank average is 56% (58th percentile). I have been making sure I read ALL rationales and using the option on UWorld to create flash cards if I come across a topic I’ve forgotten/didn’t know. Kaplan: I took a 3-day review course and have completed 2 CATs. I also ordered the Kaplan PrepPlus book and did the 180-question exam that comes with that book. 1st CAT: shut off at 75 questions. Overall green score. All subcategories yellow but I got a green in management of care 2nd CAT: shut off at 130 questions. Overall green score. Green in pharmacological and parenteral therapies & physiological adaptation. All other subcategories yellow. Prep Plus Exam: 68% I’ve also used Archer review some but only about 200 or so questions. My average is around 57-58% According to these scores, I think I have a good chance of passing but I don’t feel ready at all and I’m super stressed. I just really want to pass the first time because I've already accepted and started a job. So I just wanted to get some second opinions! Thank you!
  2. Hi, So I am currently in my second semester of nursing school. Prior to beginning, I had no previous healthcare experience (and I am naturally a very anxious person), so I was very timid coming into clinicals and I still struggle with this to this day. I don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s from a lack of confidence in myself or the thought that these patient’s lives are in my hands and if I do one thing wrong they could die and/or I could get sued and lose my job. I desperately would like some tips or guidance anyone can offer me, because I am starting a job as an ER tech soon, and I want to be able to feel more confident and not let my fear and anxiety hinder my performance. Also, some tips on what to expect/how to be good at that would be great too. Literally anything helps! Thanks so much in advance!