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GraceUSUKPH has 18 years experience and specializes in Ed.

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    Hi! My previous visa screen expired 2012. Currently I am in the process of ordering another visa screen certificate from cgfns. My problem is my New mexico license is expired so I have endorsed it to texas. I was issued a temporary active license by texas BON which will expire in april 2020 and currently my documents are “in review” for hopefully issuance of permanent license soon. My questions are... 1. Do I need an US active license for visa screen certificate to be issued? If yes, should I wait for the issuance of permanent license from texas BON before I submit my order to cgfns? 2. Can I apply for my visa screen now knowing of my above current situation? And do I need to put both NM and texas as license to verify? 3. Can I just put my New mexico license which is currently expired for my license to verify since that is where I got my initial license and remove the texas since its only temporary. Hope someone can help me on this matter so I can move forward. thank you very much

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