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  1. ag11415

    New Grad

    Hello! Not sure if I'm in the right forum but I just wanted to vent/get some advice, I would greatly appreciate it! I'm a new grad-RPN got my registration number a couple days ago. I am building my resume at the moment and applying to jobs soon, but I'm very nervous to start working as a nurse. I feel like I don't know anything and if someone would ask me a question I feel like I wouldn't be able to answer it. I'm petrified to start, I know its bad but I procrastinated on writing my resume for two days because I'm scared. for as long as I could remember I've always wanted to be a nurse, and now its here, but I'm terrified. Is this normal to have these feelings? Any advice? Greatly appreciate any responses!
  2. ag11415

    BScN or RPN? I'm worried about cost?

    Personally, I would try and go for BScN right away. id look into some financial aid like OSAP to help you pay for your schooling. I'm not sure of your situation but, I know if you are a mature student, been out of highschool for 4 years and dont live with your parents and make below a certain income you can apply for osap and youll just get grants not loans, which means the money you get as grants you dont have to repay. Something to look into!
  3. ag11415

    Nursing in Canada

    Just a quick question, when you say nurses can top at $53 and hour, are you talking about in canada or US? Thankyou!!
  4. just completed the Casper testing today. you don't have to prep, its all opinion-based questions. its $50 plus taxes...waste of time in my opinion and not worth $56 (including tax). Should ask for Casper testing after the applicant has been accepted if their gonna charge $50 for it jeez...

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