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JRoss specializes in ICU/OR.

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  1. JRoss

    How to Afford School

    Thanks for sharing! I may look into that Discover Health Professions Loan. I don't have any resources except myself until my gf can at least get into residency. I think I could probably get by if I could borrow $75k. Planning to really bust it this year to try and prepare for school. Ideally would like to get started in the August 2021 class.
  2. JRoss

    How to Afford School

    I very much would like to attend CRNA school. I hate that finances are holding me back! I bought a house last year and my girlfriend is also in graduate school. I am not sure how I will afford to pay my bills (i.e., keep my house, lights/water on, eat food) while going to school. It seems like I can take the maximum student loans, as well as the GRAD PLUS loans. I might also look into additional private loans. I doubt there will be many scholarship opportunities and those I have seen were miniscule. Did anyone else face a similar circumstance while they wen't through school? Are there resources out there that I have overlooked or am unaware of? Share your stories with me. I am definitely open to advice.

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