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  1. lilly-may

    New grad Nurse quits nursing

    Hi, I'm in a decent position to leave financially as i don't have much debt to pay off from university.
  2. lilly-may

    New grad Nurse quits nursing

    I really appreciate this! Especially as it comes from a nurse, with many years of experience and insight. It's such an unsettling position to be in, absolutely nervewracking yet you covered almost all the worries I have. Thank you!
  3. lilly-may

    New grad, hate nursing! Feel like quitting!

    Hi, how did it work out for you? Did you end up leaving the nursing field, or continue to stick it out.
  4. lilly-may

    New grad Nurse quits nursing

    Yeah that's right, from the UK. I did have an adult rotation during my training which was great clinical exposure. But adult nursing was definitely was not for me.
  5. lilly-may

    New grad Nurse quits nursing

    Hi, I'm a new grad nurse who graduated with a bachelor's in paediatric nursing in sept 19. Throughout nursing school I had my doubts whether nursing was truly for me, I completely dreaded clincials. Never had a huge interest in anatomy and physiology but enough to complete assignments. I'm extremely introverted, not particularly a people person with very high anxiety. Which meant minimal interaction and participation in seminars. So I was also very surprised to make it to graduation, though i was a motivated and keen student nurse. During my clinical rotation I received positive feedback, but as they say you can be the most competent student nurse and still struggle as a new grad. I applied and started my first new grad job at a general busy paeds unit in Oct 19, lasted 2 months. I extended my oreintation from 3 weeks to the full 2 months i was there because i never felt confident taking on 6 patients independently. I hated it, the clinical enviroment, lack of interest in cases and working independently. The sadness took over me every single shift, even on my days off. Huge anxiety, and depressed days. Note: in my final year of nursing school i had my first stab of depression which was treated and now resolved. Missing all the red flags during nursing school. I did change my speciality and now i'm 4 weeks into my new grad post at a level 3 NICU. Oreintation is 6 weeks, and truth is nursing is not for me. My interest in A&P is not a lot which is core part to nursing, communication is key and i'm too introverted to even talk to my co workers and patients. Non clinical roles are not possible as a new grad in my region. I've given nursing 2 attempts now, surely this is enough for me to leave nursing now? I'm 23 and so unhappy. I know nursing is a well paid occupation, but my mental health and well being is affected so much. I have immense respect for nurses, and enough to know it is not for everyone. Any advice? Anyone know others in the same position. Thanks x
  6. lilly-may

    Resigning after 3 months

    Thank you! I know my notice period is 1 month whilst still on oreintation, subject to manager's discretion. I'm not very confident in my nursing practice, which i know is normal to feel as a new grad. But i'm an anxious person, during nursing school I had my doubts but i did make it to graduation. Im 23 years old, i don't want to be a failure. But cannot help thinking I'm not good at nursing or even cut of for it. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. lilly-may

    Resigning after 3 months

    Curious to know did it get better? I'm a new grad on my 2nd job 3 weeks into oreintaion out of a 6 week programme on a level 3 NICU. I graduated in sept 19 and spent 2 months at a busy general peadiatric unit, orientation was only 6 clincial shifts but during my 2 months there i remained on oreintation and working with a mentor. I never felt confident working on my own, and i already know the same is going to happen. Im introverted, my knowledge is so limited and i don't enjoy the hospital environment. Im convinced im not cut off for nursing, any advice?
  8. lilly-may

    I quit during orientation.

    Hi, I'm a new grad nurse and completely in the same position! I graduated sept 2019, started my first grad job in November on a busy paeds ward. Orientation was only 6 clinical shifts, though this was extended as I was definitely not ready to work independently. I spent 2 months there, still on oreintation and then resigned on good terms. I learnt so much but it was not for me. Taking 3 weeks break in between, I now landed a new grad nurse job at a level 3 NICU. I'm 3 weeks into oreintation, its a 6 week oreintation programme. But i already know, the same will happen. My knowledge is so limited, I can't even think about working independently without a mentor. I'm so introverted, am i really cut out for nursing? I'm 23 years old and definitely don't want to be a failure, but i am so unhappy right now.

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