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  1. skettios625

    Ohio Health CC Fellowship

    Hi there! Can I ask how long the contract is at OhioHealth for new grads? I'm interested in applying there!
  2. skettios625

    Columbus OHIO New Grad Contract

    I am planning to move to Columbus following my graduation to be with my significant other. However, we are only planning to stay for one year. Does anyone know of any new grad jobs or hospitals in the area that don't require a contract or only require a one year contract? I would be open to any specialty.
  3. skettios625

    NAU ABSN 2020

    Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!
  4. skettios625

    NAU ABSN 2020

    @Cpt ATP I appreciate your reviews of the classes. I was wondering how much pathophysiology is reviewed in NUR 331? I don't remember everything from my pre-req and am wondering if you think it is worth it to review that information while I'm taking NUR 330? Thank you!