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atimeforeveryseasonednurse has 35 years experience and specializes in emergency/ob.

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    blood transfusion with leaking AAA

    Moments before my patient was leaving our ER to be transferred to the tertiary center for immediate repair of her leaking triple A, an RN cohort pulled my NS flush bag off my currently infusing bag of PRBC's and hung a second unit on the NS spike. She didn't ask me how I wanted to proceed with the second unit. I didn't see her check the blood. Both units were cross-matched. I had two large bores in both arms, one with dopamine running. I've been an emergency room nurse for 30+ years. She for about 9 years. I've never done that, hang two units on the same blood tubing spike without a flush. I am aware of my facility's protocol. The patient was critical, for sure, but is there any reason to hang blood that way?

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