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  1. Veeb 2021

    Hey guys. I am also a graduating student of 2020-2021. Good luck everyone. You guys got this!
  2. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

  3. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

  4. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    @BMP1117 Awesome thank you. I’m in the group ?
  5. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    Hi CONGRATS @Johana Torres I was accepted a couple of months ago. Hoping to get more details about what’s going to happen soon
  6. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    Oh man. Hopefully they will offer online testing soon.
  7. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    Oh really? Are you waiting to take the entrance exam?
  8. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    Hi Tanisha, The school said they will still be starting in September, but I’m not sure how if they stopped testing.
  9. VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    I got accepted too. Excited to start the program! ?
  10. VEEB 2020

    Hey just wanted to say that I got in! Excited to start in September
  11. VEEB 2020

    @Stefanie3115 yea the results took so long to come. But glad we finally got them. I just looked at the site. The uniforms are pretty expensive. And I think we can’t get them from anywhere else. Only the shoes I believe we can get from another place. ...
  12. VEEB 2020

    @Stefanie3115 Hi. Yes I just got mine yesterday. I passed ???. How about you?
  13. VEEB 2020

    @ATS15 Hi. Yes, a calculator was given. Only Math and Reading are on the test and it's based on the TABE test, not the TEAS. If you google TABE test practice, some practice tests should come up.
  14. VEEB 2020

    @MrsLane I think you'll be fine. It was pretty easy. And thank you, I hope you will pass as well.
  15. VEEB 2020

    Hi, no still waiting for my results. For the Math it was basic math with fractions (Adding, multiplying, dividing), decimals, Absolute value. Stuff like that. If you study the TABE test, it’s pretty much the same material on there. Good luck!