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  1. CSTtoFutureNP

    Path to Cath Lab RN

    I'm a new grad going into a Cath Lab Residency program when I graduate... this advice is great to have! I'm curious what your call is like...when you're on call what is your average likelihood of getting called in? I know it's impossible to create an exact number, but as a previous surgical technologist in a hospital where we were pretty much guaranteed to work when we were on call, I'm curious what it's like in the cath lab! Should I just assume I'm going to work when I'm on call?
  2. CSTtoFutureNP

    HELP!! Which Position to Choose??

    Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of advice! I have been blessed with offers for 3 very different positions, and I am so torn on which to choose! I have been accepted into a nurse practitioner program that I will beginning next year, so I am keeping this in mind when making my decision. Option 1: Cath Lab 3x12 hour shifts (0530-1800), 1 night of call per week, and every 5th weekend on call. I feel like this is a great opportunity especially as a new grad, but cardiac is definitely not my wheelhouse. They are obviously willing to train me, but I am incredibly nervous and feel as though this would be extremely stressful while going to school full time. Option 2: Operating Room 5x8 hour shifts (0700-1530), 1-weekday call shift per month, and every 5th weekend on call. There is an opportunity to go into a surgical specialty team and to change the shift schedule to 10 or 12 hours after 1 year. I have over 2 years of experience as a surgical tech so I feel very comfortable in the OR and love surgery! I feel as though this would be an easy transition for me considering my experience, and would be interested in traveling as an OR nurse down the road if I took this position. Option 3: Med-Surg Weekend Package 2x12 hour shifts (0700-1900) but get paid for 36 hours. This is at an incredibly small critical access hospital in the middle of nowhere, where the average total patient load of the entire hospital is 6 patients per day. It's family-oriented and flexible, and would be the lowest stress I think, and would give me the most time to work on school. I feel like there are benefits to all of these options, but I am truly torn on what to do. Any and all advice/opinions would be so greatly appreciated!
  3. CSTtoFutureNP

    Tips on Getting an ICU Job as a New Grad

    Yes, I've heard from other people not to mention future CRNA plans in ICU interviews. Thanks for the advice!
  4. CSTtoFutureNP

    Tips on Getting an ICU Job as a New Grad

    Hi everyone! I am currently a nursing student and am very interested in working in the ICU. I have shadowed nurses in other areas, like the emergency department and med surg, and also work in the operating room right now as a surgical tech, so I have some familiarity with duties of nurses in areas outside of the ICU. Long story short, I know I want to be in the ICU. I am motivated and driven, and willing to do what it takes to get into the ICU as a new grad. Are there any classes I should take or skills I should have mastered to make my application look more appealing as a new grad? Would shadowing in an ICU or taking a vascular access class help increase my chances? Thank you all for your help and advice in advance!