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  1. retroscope

    So I just started nursing school

    The mental and physical stresses of nursing school are very real. I can say I initially underestimated my program, and it kicked my butt. If you are able to keep your condition at bay and excel, then I look up to you. Remember that at some point we all rely on each other, as a team. Keep us updated on how you're feeling!
  2. retroscope

    Shoes for Clinical Rotation

    Hey guys and gals, Please don't flame me as I'm sure this has been asked hundreds of times on multiple forums, but I need your advice on shoes - yes, shoes. My program at Broward College requires all-white, no brands, non-porous shoes. There should be no holes in which fluids can enter. I have quite a hard time finding good quality nursing shoes for men at uniform stores (limited selection 🤔). I'm not crazy about a $10 Walmart sneaker as they tend to hurt my feet in the long run. Appreciate any and all advice. What would you do in my position?
  3. retroscope

    Broward College CLINICALS insight needed

    Hi mashley89, I am in my second semester at BC. Clinicals for FT students are lab days two times a week, back to back, about or just short of 12 hours in the beginning of the term. At that time, you will meet with your instructors at the nursing lab/ simulation center on campus until you perform a certain amount of practice hours. Soon after, you will start one 12-hour hospital shift once a week. I hope that helped, and I hope you have a good experience! It's a tough program, but do what's right for you. Best, AC