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  1. guest1139088

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    What are you JCAHO? I got your policy hanging! I do what I want!
  2. guest1139088

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    Just curious how other folk did it
  3. guest1139088

    Gave vancomycin wrong

    Scanning the patient's bracelet, scanning the first antibiotic, scanning the second antibiotic, the medication checks in your head, thinking about your other patients, thinking about what you are gonna do next, it's tough! I give one medication at a time and let the rest of the meds sit on the computer on wheels.
  4. guest1139088

    Dilute Lasix before giving IV?

    When I give Lasix, I mix it in a 50ml bag of NS, and hang it over 2 minutes. If the patient already has some NS running I just push it over 2 minutes. Good practice?
  5. 6 hour shoe for me
  6. Amen to that !
  7. The authors name is Ben Dover, he wants to know if danskos look happy on men. Of course they do!
  8. guest1139088

    I can’t get past orientation and want to be an aid instead

    don't quit girl, you got to look for a place where they will teach you and be nice to you.
  9. lean em over and slap their back, lots suction throughout, get them on the ground or stretcher, mcgill forceps, and last resort cricothyroidotomy Consider a permanent trache and J-tube
  10. guest1139088

    Paramedic discrimination?

    I was a medic in the military for 20 years, got out and became a nurse, then went to civilian paramedic school and only had one chance to pass the TSOP, a civilian group of medic instructors didn’t like me so they flunked me. Guess they didn’t like the fact I was a nurse already, made more money, was better looking, and an 18D at that. Lol, assholes are everywhere!
  11. You should bend over and try on some Danskos
  12. Danskos sure do look like women's shoes, but men wear them at the hospitals I work at. If they were comfortable I would wear them, they make me feel like it would be easy to twist my ankle, no support
  13. guest1139088

    Severe vasovagal response.

    I think you responded like I would have, but that patient needs a thorough workup before going to elective surgery.
  14. I have worn both Danskos and Crocs, I prefer hiking boots or running shoes, clean and black.

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