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  1. torayann

    Think I Failed NCLEX-RN

    Okay! This stress is hurting my brain.
  2. torayann

    Think I Failed NCLEX-RN

    I took the NCLEX-RN yesterday (Friday) at 2pm. I thought I was doing okay and I got to 75 and it kept going. I got to 100 and it kept going. Around question 160 I was offered a break. I figured I was going to get all 265. I noticed that I was getting "easier questions" like knowledge based stuff. Then at 224 my test ended on a SATA. I left and got in my car and started bawling. I am still sure I failed. When I went to do the Pearson VUE trick all it said was I needed to press submit order to finish. It didn't say anything about bad credit card info (it was the wrong expiration) or about me already scheduling the exam. Anyway I have a really bad feeling in my gut and the fact that I didn't get the good pop up makes me feel even worse. Since I took it on Friday I won't know for a few more days if I passed or not.

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