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  1. BW2020

    University of Michigan DNP Fall of 2020

    @nelsonmeg77 Check your emails!! Decisions are in. I was accepted to Peds Primary Care: DNP program!! Hopefully you guys receive your acceptance emails today as well!!
  2. BW2020

    University of Michigan DNP Fall of 2020

    @Paris2017 I received the Kira Interview invite a day after submitting my application As well. When I called and spoke with the office of admissions they explained that the Kira Interview was apart of the application. So per my understanding everyone who applied received a Kira invite. Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I figure no in person interview is either a really good sign or a really bad sign. The anticipation makes me anxious but I guess all I can do is wait and see.
  3. Hello! Havent seen a thread for Wayne State University, for fall of 2020. Has anyone applied or interview? I have an interview towards the end of the month. Just thought I would create a thread for open communication and or questions. Best of luck to everyone!!
  4. BW2020

    University of Michigan DNP Fall of 2020

    Hello everyone, Well I’m glad that we have this platform to converse. I was constantly looking at my email to make sure I didn’t receive an in person interview invitation, also not knowing if it was positive or negative thing. I’m pretty sure we won’t hear much of anything (if not offered an in person interview) until mid March... so I just need to relax and enjoy the wait game ride. So much easier said than done @mcjobson thank you so much for your response. It’s so helpful to hear from a current student. When I attended an informational session, the student ran free clinic sounded so awesome to me. I currently live about 1.5hr away from U-Mich and would hope to still work full time while commuting to attending a part time program (if given the opportunity) so it gives me hope to hear it’s possible.
  5. Hi All, I didn’t see a thread for Umich’s Primary Care DNP programs for fall of 2020 and was wondering if anyone applied before the early application deadline of Jan. 15th. Anyway... just a thread for us to enjoy the anticipation of the admission decision wait game together Good luck to everyone!!

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