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AnonymousSunshine has 4 years experience as a CNA, LPN.

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    How did you decide on your first LPN job?

    Advice needed: I currently have two job offers as a new LPN grad in Minnesota. Job 1 is in an Adult Behavioral Health Psychiatry Clinic setting. FT 40 hrs/week M-F and variable shifts some start 6:00-2:30 or 8:30-5:00. This would be more just follow-ups, telehealth appts., injections, and phone calls, etc. Extra training needed like ECT and crisis intervention. Job 2 is in a Family medicine Clinic that is FT and about 34hrs/week M-F with variable shifts from 8:30-5:00. I was promised one undetermined day off every other week. This would be team-based care not 1:1 LPN to provider, so there would be a great variety of cases. Some procedures are done in the clinic and preventative care is the primary focus. Both jobs pay the same and have weekends/holidays off. Both units have great positive team members as far as I can tell and seem very open and welcoming to new nurses. How can I ensure that I'll receive enough variety for my scope of practice? I want to challenge myself but also transition as a new nurse and become comfortable on the team. I've been debating this and feel like either job would be a great opportunity. I want to clarify that this is my first "real" nursing job (previously worked as a CNA in memory care LTC and childcare). I just don't want to commit to something and realize later on that I didn't ask enough questions or evaluate this situation before accepting the offer. How did you decide on your first LPN job? What ultimately influenced your decision and was it an overall positive experience as a new nurse?
  2. Hey all, I've recently graduated from an LPN program and am starting a new job soon. I've been taking some time to review my notes from school. To what extent do most nurses do this? I know that I will receive training and orientation, but I want to be prepared and not seem clueless if there are specific questions asked. Also, my employer will provide opportunities for continuing education credits. Ultimately, how do most nurses keep up on their education and not develop bad habits or become forgetful over time? Side note - I worked as CNA for years and witnessed so many cases of this where members of the healthcare team were behind on their practices versus what the state was newly implementing and our nursing instructors were teaching us at the time.

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