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  1. lwill_40

    Accidentally tested for MRSA???

    Oh wow, I had no idea! We totally joke about it all the time! But it's really good to know it's not that common and that it shouldn't interfere with working. Looks like I have nothing to worry about!
  2. lwill_40

    Accidentally tested for MRSA???

    When I was at the doctor the other day, they wanted to determine the cause for repeated infections in my nose/ear piercings. They did a nasal swab and I did not realize they were testing for MRSA, if I would've known this, I would have refused. I know it is very common and not a big deal, but if I know I am a carrier/infected, do I have to disclose that to my employer? If so, what do they do about it? Has anyone had MRSA and still been able to work?

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