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  1. Do people who have a CNA, EMT, HHA type job prior to doing an LPN accelerated program have a huge advantage in passing tests due to the prior expirience? Is it worth becoming a CNA before an LPN? I am worried that most the people who I met while taking the nursing entrance exam for this coming fall seem to have a background in some way shape or form in the medical field which makes me already feel far behind. When you went into your LPN program what was your expirience level? How do you feel your expirience impacted how you did in school?
  2. Hello, 


     Are you planning on working while in school? I'm trying to figure out what to do.

    1. Shellybeans


      I am so undecided. I used to be a direct support professional working with special needs adults. I had a baby in the summer and since then I have been working as a cashier a couple days a week just to make a couple dollars. I want to work a few days a week while in school but they make the program seem hard and I feel like if we are in school/clinical monday-friday 8:30-2:30/ 7:30-1:30 I don't know where we will find the time to study. I will probably work Saturdays but personally not sure I want to do much more than that because I am paranoid of failing. 

  3. Shellybeans

    OCVTS LPN 2021

    Took the entrance exam for the the OCVTS LPN Nursing Program yesterday! Was less stressful than I thought. Anyone else planning to attend this program this coming fall? Or anyone already in it have any advice?

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