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SpokesAndCoffee is a ADN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. SpokesAndCoffee

    New grad advice please

    I worked in public relations and used my skills and accomplishments from that, including team leadership, project management, communication, etc. I also made sure to list the hospital and unit for each of my clinicals. Just remember, as a graduate nu...
  2. SpokesAndCoffee

    Hate clinicals?

    It depends on a lot on the instructor and the site staff. I had the same instructor for two semesters and she pushed us to be our best. By the end, we were each handling three patients, all assessments, meds, cares, etc. for 6-7 hours/day. Staff love...
  3. SpokesAndCoffee

    Feeling defeated...

    As a previous poster said, ask in a respectful manner for specific examples as to how you can improve in the areas mentioned. It really doesn't matter how well you did on written assignments or how inconvenient the working conditions were. Your instr...
  4. SpokesAndCoffee

    Oxygen Therapy

    No need to overcomplicate it. Focus more on the limitations of each device. For example, nasal cannula is the least intrusive, but is limited to 6 L/min at a partial oxygen concentration (not 100%). A simple mask is more intrusive, but can go up to 1...
  5. SpokesAndCoffee

    Biology or Chemistry

    Check the prerequisites for the program you are entering. Chemistry is pretty much a given for nursing programs. Biology might be needed to get into Anatomy & Physiology depending on your school.
  6. SpokesAndCoffee

    Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    I'm going to make a bit of an assumption here (sorry if I'm incorrect), but I get the impression that you're relying too much on memorization and 'tips & tricks'. I think you need to stop cramming and really focus on underlying A&P and how ev...
  7. Talk to a recruiter, tell them that you are looking to transition to bedside care, and see what they say. Don't just assume that they wouldn't have you. Plenty of new grads get jobs without prior experience. That said, I think the main hurdle might b...
  8. SpokesAndCoffee

    At age 45, would you start an RN program? Honest advice please

    First, you need to get the most thorough portrayal of nursing you can. Talk to nurses, shadow if possible, and maybe go through CNA training. While a desire to help people is important in this profession, I don't think that alone is enough. Will you ...