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  1. Anyone get board discipline lowered or dismissed?

    I emailed you.
  2. Hi, A few years ago I was accused of not properly assessing a patient. I don’t want to give too much detail, but now I am being investigation and have been offered a probated suspensions and a fine. This will appear on my license and on the BON....
  3. Feeling Reprimanded Unfairly

    Did you hire a lawyer for your original case? I’m experiencing something similar now.
  4. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    It took a year for me to be contacted d/t covid. I hired a lawyer and still waiting to hear decision.
  5. Being investigated by BON

    That’s only if they thing you actually deserve some kind of reprimand. I am sure some cases get dismissed or are just an informal warning. Where do you work? I am also trying to move in November with my husband to Arizona. Will arizona...
  6. Being investigated by BON

    is a formal reprimand include something that is available publicly?
  7. Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    I ended up staying home with my son. He is 7 months now. It’s definitely been hard on my sanity and I am trying to figure out how to do some per diem work while still breast feeding- I made the mistake of never getting my son used to a bottle so that...
  8. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    Yes, hospital are definitely more punitive and stricter. I have worked in outpatient settings and they are far more easy going. I am not sure if I’ll ever return to the hospital after this experience. Thank you, I am definitely feeling anxious right ...
  9. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    Do you mind sharing what the reason was? I am being investigated now and definitely feeling nervous about my license?
  10. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    Yes, I only received 10 days although bc I hired a lawyer I was given more time. It took a year for them to contact me so now I am stressing over this.
  11. Hi, Im currently under investigation in another state by the Nursing board. I didn’t do anything bad, but was terminated from my job and they reported it to the board. I am just wondering if I can still get a license in arizona or do I have to w...
  12. Being investigated by BON

    yes, I do.
  13. Being investigated by BON

    Hi, Im being investigated for something relating to pt care. I didn’t do a part of an assessment for pt that had a rapid response on the shift before me. The pt was totally stable during my assessment and was downgraded to lower level of care....
  14. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    Awww, definitely makes me feel better! I was working at an endoscopy clinic for 6 months until I had my son. It was awkward though bc I was also pregnant and waited to tell them. I am taking time off now to be home with my son. A part of me wants to...
  15. Recently terminated- being reported to state BON

    Hi, with covid it actually took a year for them to contact me so just hearts from them. I am so sorry you’re going through this. I contacted a lawyer and he is going to represent me. You should do this as soon as you hear from your BON! I feel the sa...