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  1. slothcare

    Vascular Managers

    Hello, I saw you made a few posts regarding travel nursing and I was hoping you would be able to share some of your experiences with me. I am graduating nursing school in May and would like to get a job in the Caribbean where my fiancé will be attending medical school. I hope you could give me some advice!! Anything will help
  2. slothcare

    Working as an RN on Sint Maarten island in the Caribbean

    Hello, I am currently in this same situation as you were in. I was hoping you could give me some advice and tell me about your experiences/ if you were able to get a job in Sint Maarten. I am graduating from nursing school this May and my fiancé is planning to go to either Ross, AUC, or St George’s for his medical degree. I REALLY appreciate any help you can give!

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