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  1. Katilyn23

    Hospital orientation

    Hi guys my orientation is coming up soon what should I expect in the clinical orientation portion of the orientation I'm a cna working in the hospital
  2. Katilyn23

    New CNA

    Actually yes in February I will be applying
  3. Katilyn23

    New CNA

    Hi I'm a current new hire about to be on the progressive pulmonary unit in a hospital What do I need to know? what do CNAS usually do on this unit? I have NEVER WORKED in a hospital what's some equipment I should know about please help me thanks in advance
  4. Hello everyone I'm currently in the process of being hired on a progressive pulmonary unit as a nurse tech/CNA please help what do need to know? what do cnas do there I'm new to the hospital equipment all that so any info helps


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