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  1. John2020

    How many versions are there of the TEAS 6?

    Hi did you get all 4 kinds?
  2. John2020

    National University Cohort 63

    I’m sure you’ll get in this time! Does anyone know where we can take the teas in San Diego aside from SDSU?
  3. John2020


    Did you get the same versions all those 3x? How many versions is there? I’ve heard people say they’ve gotten same versions more than ones. If so maybe focus on subjects that you don’t do as well on. What helped me was having finished all my prerequisites most especially the sciences. Bought ATI teas prep it’s pricy but helpful. I’ve also watched ALOT of YouTube videos, did a lot of practice test and bought mometrix and ATI Study book.
  4. John2020

    National University Cohort 63

    Things like why do you wanna be a nurse, why national. Most questions related to nursing. But I was reading the previous cohort before this one and some people had mention their teas questions and some questions were different from mines. So I’m wondering if they change a few each cohort, so I’m a little nervous. I also have a 3.6 and a teas of 83 I’m retaking the teas to try and get a higher score. I’m sorry not read questions I meant interview questions.
  5. Hi was just wondering what was your gpa when you applied for national. Thanks 

    1. Student5431


      I had a 3.8

    2. John2020


      Thank you. If you can give any tips on the interview what would it be?


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