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PJG RN has 34 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. Hi Beth. It's PJG RN again ... Just some updates. ... I live in New York. My former hospital is unionized. Unfortunately, the Rep could not intervene because I needed to be off probation, (which I had 2 more weeks). I did speak to the Union Rep, and she and my husband suggested the letter to the Mgr, stating I would sit down and work on a plan with the Mgr to correct the issue(s). That is the letter I sent my Mgr. Unfortunately, I got no response. Instead, I got the call two days later, saying I was no longer working for the hospital. I spoke to the Rep again, and she made me aware, that in New York, when it's time to renew one's license, the Board has a question where they asked if one has ever been "terminated" from employment. She said it can really cause some nasty repercussions, and difficulty with employment going forward. ... This is one major reason I am so concerned. Repercussions now, and in the future, when I have to renew my license. .... To: caliotter3 & TriciaJ, RN: ... Thank you for your feedback about what to put on current applications I want to submit. I think that sounds like a great idea, and I will do that for now. Another Update: I finally heard from someone in Human Resources. This is the response I received: "Hi xxxx – We did receive your resignation; however, it was highly unusual in that it was received after you had already been terminated. <sic> (I dated it the day of my Mgr's phone call, but they got it 1 week later) <sic> You were not successful during your probationary period which is why you were termed. Our policy when requested for a reference is to affirm the title and dates of employment." ... So, they got my resignation letter. As I said above, I dated it the day I got the call from my Mgr.... But I get the feeling HR didn't do anything with my letter, other than let me know in the above communication they received it. (No one from HR had previously acknowledged it to me, even though they had it). I have emailed HR back, asking, does my record show, "resigned" as my reason for leaving, and if it doesn't , to whom do I need to speak. I have been looking up Nurse Attorneys in my area too. If HR refuses to change the status, (if it shows "terminated"), I am in a bad bind. Without employment, I can't afford counsel. Any other suggestions for dealing with HR, if they give me a difficult time? Thanks for any suggestions.

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