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  1. Hi @Panda123,

    I have an interview with Rhose on Wednesday, 1/22, for the cardiac tele unit at Swedish Medical Center. Do you have any advice or tips for me? Do you remember the questions that they asked you? She told me that it would be her, her supervisor, and 4-5 unit staff that will be in the interview.

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    2. Gabs4


      I think I read that you said you got the job... congrats by the way! And thank you so much for the tip! Did they by any chance tell you how much the salary would be as a new grad?

    3. Panda123


      Yes I did! I got the offer day of wh I was pretty nice. Rhose will let you know her decision after consulting with her team the day of your interview. So you'll know within a few hours. Salary is $32 but roughly $4 differential with nights. 

    4. Gabs4


      That's great, thank you so much!


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