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  1. I am currently studying for CCRN. I am listening Laura Gasparis lecture (DVD), and barrons CCRN prepbook. There are review questions at the end of Gasparis's lecture but they were much easier and that made me feel confident. And then I studied Barron's and there were somewhat a lot of materials that Laura did not cover on her lecture(especially Repiratory part) and the test on Barrons was much harder than Laura's quiz. And I did some questions on Pass CCRN and they were brutal. (I got 50% ).. Now I am kinda worried about the test. I wonder which material should I stick to for the test. Any good advice?
  2. dlee50

    Is this bad sign?

    Yes. I will post the result I thought that it was good sign that manager gave me her email address after interview. but she did not answer to my follow up email so that I worry about. but I did what I could do..
  3. dlee50

    Is this bad sign?

    I guess I just have to wait until Monday.
  4. dlee50

    Is this bad sign?

    The lady I spoke to is filling in the person who is in charge of. I thought that she would let me know if I am not hired so I can move on
  5. dlee50

    Is this bad sign?

    Hope I can get this position
  6. dlee50

    Is this bad sign?

    I had an interview and they requested references. All references have been sent and I contacted HR. The lady told me that I am going to follow up with someone on Monday. But she did not say that I am accepted or not. I sent email to nurse manager but I did not get any response. I am kinda nervous. It feels like I didn't get this position.
  7. dlee50


    What type of clinical questions did they ask??
  8. Hello. I am going to have an interview with Mount Sinai (CICU) and NYP (CCU) hospital. I wonder how the interview with unit manager will be like (phone? video chat?) and I wonder what kinds of clinical questions they usually ask. I have 4 months surgical step-down experiences and 3 months vent unit experience and 2 years cardiac stepdown that was 8 years ago. I really need to ACE in the interview. Please help. Thank you!
  9. dlee50

    CCRN Exam

    Did they call to your references to verify clinical hours?
  10. dlee50

    termination :(

    I was in orientation and today I got terminated. The reason is that I am not ready to work on the floor. My director thinks that I need to build up more nursing practice. My director told me that I am going to be terminated from today, but you can re-apply when you have your skills on your hands. She said that she is not going to put any negative comments, but just going to say that I do not fit this unit now. I don't understand what does that mean.. once somebody got fired, they are not able to return to the same hospital, isn't it?

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