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sonida is a BSN, RN and specializes in New Grad ICU RN.

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  1. sonida

    Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU

    Hi, all! Forgive me for my naivety, but I was just offered a position in the SICU at my dream hospital. I was just curious to know what the difference between a Surgical Trauma ICU vs SICU would be? I've tried researching this myself with minimal to no answers. Thank you in advance!
  2. sonida

    New Grad Interview for ICU

    Hi everyone! I'm a very recent new grad (just passed NCLEX this past Tuesday!) and was just offered an interview for an ICU position at a smaller hospital on Wednesday. Is there anything specific I should know heading into the interview? Any specific medications or procedures? Anything that can help me stand out above other applicants? I feel pretty decent in regard to my resume - I have my BLS, ACLS, PALS, NIHSS, and have completed an externship in the ICU last Summer. I also currently work as a CNA, an Acute Care RN Extender, and Nurse Extern at three different hospitals (I took up the last two positions in an effort to help with the COVID-19 surge). I'm super nervous! Thank you in advance!
  3. sonida

    Taking NCLEX in 5 Days

    Hi, everyone! I've been seriously studying for the NCLEX for about a little over a month now. I've been using UWorld and notes I took from Saunders, UWorld rationales, and ATI (I had to have the program for nursing school). My test date is this Friday and I am beyond nervous. I've been maintaining my quiz scores in the mid- to high-60's and am in the 84th percentile. I just took the one practice assessment my package came with and got in the 57th percentile with a "high" chance of passing. Though I've been maintaining my scores in the 60s (which I heard is where I want to be at), I'm scared that I won't be able to finish my Q Bank as I still have about 1400 left. The reason for this is because I'm constantly torn between content review and doing/going over practice questions + rationales. Should I focus more on content review, or should I just continue to do practice questions + rationales? Also, is the NCLEX vague to the point where it's easy to overthink or is it pretty straight forward? Is what I'm doing okay? I'm so nervous. Anything helps! Thanks in advance!
  4. sonida

    Applying for NCLEX

    Hi, all! I had a quick question regarding the application for NCLEX. Of course, in view of the current pandemic, processing times have been severely delayed. However, my nursing school has been urging students to apply to take the NCLEX as we are set to graduate this month. I've reviewed the BRN website and instructions in how to apply; however, I have come across conflicting statements. I live in Southern California, and the BRN website instructs us to not apply earlier than 2 weeks from our graduation date. Other students have reported they submitted their application and theirs have been accepted/approved. My fear is that by submitting my application, I would be out $300 because it would be earlier than 2 weeks from my graduation date. My question is, has anyone submitted their application earlier than 2 weeks before their graduation date?
  5. Thank you for your kind words! I have just visited my workplace's recent Open House event and am waiting for their New Grad Residency program to open up to accept applications. It's reassuring to hear that not everyone gets placements they want all the time. As silly as it sounds, I felt that everyone else was able to get placements they wanted while I was placed elsewhere. Nevertheless, I still come to clinical with a smile on my face and am always eager to learn. And thank you for the recommendation! I'm always looking for nursing youtube channels for advice. I will definitely look him up!
  6. Thank you so much for your input! I am scheduled to take an ACLS course next month and am waiting to hear back from a PALS course instructor. The EMT course definitely interests me; however, I feel that it may be a bit difficult for me to sign up for a course at this time as this is my last semester and will have three internships/clinical rotations simultaneously! Nevertheless, I will still definitely look into taking an EMT course and see if I can manage. In regard to that CNA, I am sorry to hear that she was super abrasive and catty! I'd like to think that I am far from that. Whenever I float down to the ED (and any unit for that matter), I try to put my best foot forward and am always trying to carry a positive attitude even when times are trying. Thank you again for your advice! 🙂
  7. Hello! I am in my last semester of nursing school and close to receiving my BSN. Aside from worrying about studying for NCLEX, I am immensely worried about my externship placement this semester. In the past semester, I’ve been a student extern at UCSD in the ICU. I also currently work as a CNA in a hospital on a neurology med-surg tele floor, but will constantly float to ED, ICU, or PCU. As much as I love critical care nursing, I’ve always found myself aiming towards the ED. No matter how many different specialties I’ve tried in my clinicals, the ED always captivated me. I feel that it is both challenging and rewarding. That being said, I submitted an application to another externship this semester for an ED position, with Urgent Care and Cardiology as my alternatives. However, I was placed in the OB/GYN unit at a clinic, which was not even a choice I considered. As interesting as it is, I was immensely sad to not have received the department I wanted, especially since my classmates are spending their final semester preceptorships in their desired departments. Please forgive me for sounding ungrateful as that is not my intent; I just feel pressured in the sense that I may be behind on gaining experience in the specialty I want when my counterparts are getting theirs as it is very competitive to find jobs in the ED where I live. My question and point is, how can I, as a soon-to-be new grad nurse, stand out against other candidates when applying for ED positions? I understand some nurses opt to gain experience for some time in other units before applying for ED. However, I really would like to initially try for an ED position as I’ve heard and asked other nurses who were able to work in an ED as new grads. Also, is it wrong for me to be upset about being placed in OB? Thank you in advance!