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Yi Zhang has 3 years experience as a RN.

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  1. Yi Zhang

    Northeastern CRNA 2021 start

    Does anyone have any idea what do they focus on in the interview? Do they ask more of behavioral or clinical questions? Thank you!
  2. Yi Zhang

    Fairfield CRNA 2021 Application

    Hello all, Since I could not find any threads for Fairfield 2021 CRNA program, so I decided to start one. Has anyone received interview invitations or heard anything from them? Thanks
  3. Yi Zhang

    Thomas Jefferson 2020

    I submitted my application mid Jan. I still have not heard anything back since. I email Jackie, but I got a generic email that my app is still being reviewed. Do you guys think I still have the chance of getting an interview? Thanks. I honestly think I did not get in, because it is already end of Feb.
  4. Yi Zhang

    Thomas Jefferson 2020

    anyone has any idea how long it takes them to verify your app and then actually review your application? Thanks

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