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  1. swimmernurse

    Marquette university Direct entry MSN Spring 2021

    My nutrition 101 class from my B.S. was not accepted either. I retook the class at the local community college after confirming with the advisor that it was accepted. Make sure the description includes "across the lifespan".
  2. swimmernurse

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    Hello all, I also applied yesterday and I am new to the field. Good luck everyone
  3. swimmernurse

    Marquette Direct Entry MSN Fall 2019

    I have applied for the 2020 PP Hybrid program. Any tips that you could give me regarding living situation, classes etc? What do you wish you had known a year ago?
  4. swimmernurse

    Marquette University DE MSN Fall 2020 Pleasant Prairie

    I applied in December and am waiting to hear back. Where else did you apply? Which state are you from?