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Surfing_T_waves has 3 years experience and specializes in Medical ICU.

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    USF DNP CRNA 2021

    Good luck next week at your interview! Following as I'll be applying soon myself 😃
  2. Surfing_T_waves

    How good was your Florida CRNA program?

    Hi to all who visit this thread!! I am asking for SRNA or new CRNA's who went to school in Florida to talk about your program. I'm looking into schools and don't want my decision to be based off of statistical data/ location alone, yet have had trouble finding real opinions from students about their experiences. Please name your program and touch on the culture, the positives it offers, the negatives, unexpected things you wish you knew b4 starting (specific to your program), the staff, the location, etc. Was the course load heavier at the beginning of the program or end? How prepared did you feel exiting the program? Thank you in advance! STW