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  1. Pre-Nursing Student

    Not Good at English and wants to prusue Nursing

    Do you have any suggestion on how I can work on this? I'm thinking about taking more English classes to improve on my writing and work on expanding my vocabulary. Let me know if you have any suggestions or advice please!
  2. Pre-Nursing Student

    Not Good at English and wants to prusue Nursing

    Hi, I am a pre-nursing student. I struggle a lot with english as well as public speaking and communication skills in general. English is not my first language. I always feels like Nursing requires great communication skills as well as english speaking skills. I love Nursing but I’m afraid that if my english is not good, I won’t be able to work in the medical field sinces it is serious work. English courses is my worst nightmare! I would rather take a science course than an english course. I need to work on expanding my vocabulary because that is what I lack the most in. I’m insecure about my English, vocabulary as well as writing! I don’t know what I should do? Please give me some words of advice or any tips! Thanks in Advance !

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